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Sathwik Murals & Crafts is a woman empowerment initiative by Mrs. Kalamandalam Anu Sreehari, Which is certified by Govt of India’s MSME startup mission. Traditional wall paintings of Kerala like Traditional Kerala Murals, Paintings, found only in old palaces, temples, can be painted on your canvas and fabric types without losing its elegance. Through this, we bring our unique wall artwork to a new level, and we have the opportunity to maintain our dreamlike traditions of home interiors, courtyards, business establishments, Resorts interior designing and convention centers, Auditoriums, etc. In addition to the traditional Mural Paintings we are offering you, our different products like

Sathwik Murals & Crafts anusreehari

We bring our unique wall artwork to a new level

We have the opportunity to maintain our dream-like traditions of homes interiors, courtyards, business establishments, Resorts interior designing and convention centers, Auditoriums etc.

About Artist

Kalamandalam Anu Sreehari

There is a lot to be said, but for that since this is not the right forum everything in detail so I would like to mention only a few.

The explicit and oblique reason for my transformation from Anu Sojan, to Kalamandalam Anu, and later Kalamandalam Anu Sreehari born in 1993, is due to my egregious passion for art and music. My zeal and fervor for music & art was beheld by my parents and teachers. I come from an ordinary family of Chirakkadavu in Kottayam district.

I graduated with a degree in Carnatic music from Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur by gurukul method and a post-graduate degree in Carnatic music from Sree sankaracharya Sanskrit University Kalady. Besides since beginning studied music under the tutelage of Sri KPAC Ravi and now I continues with Professor Ponkunnam Ramachandran. Following studies I worked as a music teacher in Sreyas Public school, Ponkunnam.

I also performed as a radio jockey for Community Radio FM Alappuzha. I got married while serving as a music teacher at a leading institution Abhinaya school of performing arts in Qatar. After marriage, because of my keenness, I learned mural paintings and Nettipattam making at Chithramaala institute, a center for the study of murals & other crafts. I understand the tremendous amount of effort that goes into the creation of a painting, the immense apprehension and observation required. Hence each painting is done with careful consideration, in depth comprehension, guidance from my mentors and eminent teachers & respected gurus.

Now, I currently run my own startup Sathwik Murals & Crafts, (Registered under Govt Of India MSME startup mission) which specializes in Traditional Kerala murals in canvas & Fabrics, Fusion Paintings, Decoration elephant caparison(Nettipattam) fabrication and other related craft products, for the interested ones, as well as learning and teaching Carnatic music.

Anu Sathwik