16 best grinders

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This miscalculation will force you to spend extra time when working without a vacuum cleaner. But the grinder itself, undoubtedly, was a success: reliability even with constant work for several hours per shift – flawlessly, the level of vibration and noise is moderate. Such cars are simple in design (you can buy an amateur one inexpensively, without really risking reliability) and good in performance. Moreover, when you press «turbo buttons» the regulator is expected to shut down.

Low noise and moderate vibrations are also considered advantages, but still ask the manufacturer – what prevented you from putting a speed regulator here? However, there is also the possibility of installing an additional handle in the front, depending on the configuration, it either immediately comes with a grinder, or you need to buy it. The rear drive roller, on the other hand, is enlarged in diameter to avoid slippage. Fastening of sheets on the platform is possible with Velcro and clamps.

And again, as in the previous case, we will point out the weakness of the soles: it is worth overheating them (and after all, on such a powerful and heavy machine it is not difficult), graphite literally begins to crumble. In principle, the efficiency of dust removal allows you to work with a bag – however, the bag comes with a paper bag, which is somehow not very good for this money. The model of the company DeWALT ends our rating of the best eccentric sanders. Ways to apply a good grinding machine a lot – As always, it is in hand to get a convenient and productive tool, as all new and new tasks are for him.

Standard grip of the car – two-handed, with a second hand on the body, for which it has a rubberized part. A budget sander in our rating has become the weakest in terms of performance: a 720-watt motor provides a belt speed of no more than 250 m / min. But, if you do not plan to work with wood, it is still better to look aside eccentric (orbital) machines – they are, of course, more complicated, and you will have to buy Velcro circles, but the cleanliness of the surface with «orbit» it is easier to provide (the circle is not «crawls» back and forth, and also turns when grinding), it is more convenient to work on bends. But for «DeWalta» she is quite budgetary.

Be careful! Now about the unpleasant. This decision is controversial – the latches are flimsy, so with a rigid hose, a poor movement will easily lead to the adapter jumping off.

Engine power here – 280 W, oscillation amplitude – 2.4 mm. But the engine is here – 400W, allowing it to confidently pull even coarse sandpaper on its 125mm platform. With such an amplitude, you will have to use paper-«Velcro», although the platform also has clamps for a regular sheet: the construction of the clamps will not allow the construction of the clamps to stretch the sandpaper normally, because of this, the effective movement of the sheet will become even less, since it will «fidget» back and forth on the platform, dramatically reducing productivity.

The frequency of movements of the eccentric is adjustable from 12 to 24 thousand vibrations per minute, the amplitude – 2.5 mm: the motor could «pull» and more, but the performance of the machine is good anyway. Standard dust removal works well, although, of course, you should still connect a vacuum cleaner. The control electronics are interesting here – for example, the TurboBoost function at increased loads gets the engine power reserve from somewhere.

Where is the work on grinding the most laborious and min? Naturally, when processing large areas, where you need to specify the same straightness of the surface or the desired radius of curvature. But in general, nevertheless, the sander leaves good impressions, especially considering the price of half the same «Bosch». Without suffering from annoying design flaws (except that the seam of the dust collector sometimes diverges during inaccurate cleaning), the machine is convenient, efficient and collects dust well, preventing it from flying around. And this model, equipped with a 440 watt motor and a 114×226 mm platform, is really well suited for such use.

But on the other hand, the dust extraction branch pipe is fine «is friendly» with many household vacuum cleaners, which is for an amateur grinder – definite plus. However, such «tractor» the layout with the main mass shifted back will take some time to get used to the features of the machine – the back of the working section of the belt is pressed against the processed plane more strongly. But for wood that needs to be sanded along the fibers, an eccentric machine will not work precisely because of the principle of operation, in the hands of carpenters – only vibrating «surface grinders». With its detachable D-shaped handle, Einhell looks brutal, but weighs under 2 kilograms after all. On the other hand, a three-year warranty with frequent use will definitely have time to make possible the flaws of a particular purchased machine appear.

Depending on the position of the regulator (installed, note, in a not very good place), the 125-mm platform performs from 14 to 26 thousand vibrations per minute. A harsh male instrument, whatever one may say. Amplitude of vibration – 2.4 mm. In addition to the power, convenience and level of vibration that you need to pay attention to when choosing any power tool, be sure to make sure that there is good dust protection for the main components of the machine and especially in the efficiency of dust removal: it is not always possible to connect a vacuum cleaner, and it is simply dangerous to use some models of grinders without a respirator, so they throw a lot of dust into the air in the working area. Regrettably, the build quality has dropped noticeably.

Therefore, alas, we cannot attribute this model to the professional segment – but its price is not the lowest for amateur use. No, this does not mean that the DWE6423 is inconvenient or unreliable: it is just that it is already a tool in the amateur segment, and by its standards it could have reached the top. The vibration frequency reaches 22 thousand with an amplitude of 2 mm. Unfortunately, despite the good work of the dust removal system with a standard bag, it clogs up quickly, and it is not very convenient to clean.

Main stick and «fungus» shells are rubberized on top. Maximum speed – 350 meters per minute. And her weight is quite acceptable – 3.5 kg, so when working overhead or vertically, the machine will not tire your hands so quickly.

Dust extraction in a regular hard bag – average in efficiency: a lot of dust leaves by, the volume of the bag is small (especially since only a part of synthetic textiles works «for blowing», because it is covered by a lattice. There is no rpm adjustment, respectively, the platform at idle makes a fixed 26 thousand strokes per minute with an amplitude of 1.4 mm. The front handle can be adjusted to suit you. In the process of work, the machine makes a lot of noise and heats up – but do not forget that this is purely «home» tool for episodic work. It is not surprising that a person came up with such a variety of grinders: from multi-kilowatt two-handed «Bulgarians» (yes, although they are familiar as a cutting tool, but the term «angle grinder» hints) to compact engravers with the corresponding nozzles, the people of the long-called «dreamed» By example «Xerochesov» and «pampers».

Dust extraction is designed efficiently, even without a vacuum cleaner with a complete «microfiltration unit» in a rigid case, you can, if necessary, work without a respirator, with a vacuum cleaner there are no problems at all.

16 best grinders


p> She sits well in her hands – unlike many compact machines, there is a full rear handle with a rubber pad. We also note that the possibility of fastening in an inverted position is not provided, and in fact in belt sanders this is one of the most convenient «chips». In terms of strength and reliability to «Makite» we have no complaints. Except, alas, for one moment – the graphite sole grinds down, from the point of view of the owners, quickly for a professional tool.

And finally, a great carrying case is included – also an important thing. He, alas, by nowadays has already become expensive, but the honor of the brand keeps. The only pity is that you have to hold her for «head» – no side handle. The sander itself is simple – no rear handle, no rpm control. For such a weighty and powerful machine, the most suitable size.

Wheel for adjusting revolutions – next to the handle, you can use it with your thumb without changing your grip. Compared to the leader of the rating, of course, the Makita eccentric sander does not look so impressive – whatever one may say, but the motor is weaker here (300 W), the platform travel – 3 mm, and there is only one in the kit – 125 mm. Even a beginner will master such a machine quickly. Dust extraction branch pipe – oval, therefore, to work with the vacuum cleaner, an adapter is used that is fastened to the shoulder of the branch pipe with latches. The side handle is mounted on a swivel ring and can be easily moved.

Belt 610×100, which a 1200-watt motor constantly pulls at a speed of 500 m / min (no regulator!) and a weight of 5.7 kg will require a strong hand and good skill. Let’s start with the classification – each variety has its pros and cons, its own specialization. On the ledge under the left hand there is a wheel for adjusting the revolutions, which is why «on the run» do not adjust the speed without using a removable handle, because the regulator will block the hand. For them, you can easily cut the sandpaper from the sheet yourself, especially if the manufacturer has added a device for punching holes in the sheets to the kit.

To activate it, you need to press the button at the base of the handle with your thumb – where the speed regulator is often installed. First of all, this is a small diameter protruding roller – by lifting the protective cover, you can get into hard-to-reach places, which the other participants in the rating cannot do. So, if anyone chooses this sander, it is a professional who has to work a lot with horizontal surfaces of a large area – for example, when stripping floors from old varnish. Dust extraction is not bad, but it seems to be spoiled by a regular filter bag: better connect a vacuum cleaner. Hence the increased vibration level in comparison, therefore, in contrast to «Makity» here they installed a soft pad on the back handle.

In terms of dimensions and weight, it is close to «Makite», but due to the lower power, the operating characteristics are more modest: the platform travel is exactly half the size, although the vibration frequency is the same times higher. Vibration protection, although not at the level of top professional tools, is sufficient for long-term work. However, do not forget that this machine is not very suitable for professional practice: the brushes wear out quickly, and the platform drive itself is worn out. In the right hands, the machine will cope with such tasks «by five», but in inept… For example, the handle here from vibration can unwind – although the vibrations are, in principle, small!

What is worse, on some machines, although rarely, but the failures of the speed regulator are noted due to a penny saving on the thickness of the wires, if you use the grinder for a long time and under heavy load. Adjustment of revolutions is provided (although the wheel was installed in a place somewhat strange from the point of view of ergonomics) and their electronic stabilization. Or rather, he just «smothered» All the rest of the time. It is not for nothing that you will see such cars in any body car service: here you can display curved surfaces in «zero» have to constantly. The only problem is the inevitable wear of the clamps.

Even if you had the last acquaintance with sandpaper in labor lessons at school, then you probably retained the memory of how boring and monotonous this process is – grinding. In the home workshop, it will last a long time and will only deliver positive impressions. Compact and lightweight sander with a platform 92×184 mm, equipped with a 200 W electric motor, well suited for roughing and finishing work in small areas.

The machine can work with Velcro (a set of sheets is included), and with ordinary sandpaper, which is fixed and pulled on the platform reliably and efficiently. But keep in mind that not all models have the ability to attach on the side or upward with a tape! In addition, the high productivity provided by a fast running belt in a circle will require both «directness» – by crushing or overexposing the machine in place, it is easy «dig out» unevenness in an already almost ideal plane.

And, unlike very similar inexpensive Stanley (not surprising – the owner of both brands is the same), DeWALT is more convenient, more reliable and, most importantly, – has a normal round outlet to the dust collector instead of a narrow oval, which does not interfere with connecting a vacuum cleaner. The platform has no Velcro – we will not call this a serious drawback, because velcro sandpaper, although it is attached more conveniently and fits better, is more expensive. The machine can be turned over, it lies in this position stably.

But due to its lightness, Makita will be much more convenient where you need to work on weight: almost twice as light as Bosch or DeWALT! Well, if you remember about ceiling work, when you have to hold the typewriter directly over your head… Engine power – 750 watts, so Bosch runs smoothly with 533×75 mm belt, ensuring speed stability even on coarse grain. The machine is compact and lightweight, which will allow it to be successfully used in delicate finishing works.

Here, this regulator was taken out to «head» grinders. Lucky moment in construction – it is a system for stabilizing the position of the belt. The platform itself is cast from an aluminum alloy, and we advise you to handle it more carefully, it does not digest falls from a height, but is expensive. In this case, «Bosch» definitely came out a quality professional tool.

Several hours of Lexus rx 2017 in ghana there and here to carry Bru with a stretched piece of sanding? Never! Today we will talk just about those families of grinding machines that will be carelined and in the independent manufacture of wood furniture, and when repairing the house, and when the body is spacing its own «Swallows» in the garage.

Platform dimensions – 115×280 mm, double mount, with Velcro, and clips. Including reliability, alas – here for the whole series «sick» place can be called a platform bearing, and, given that for the same money, you can choose more successful models from competitors, Ryobi has only «one-handedness» for work in confined spaces – and hence the last place in the rating. And finally, dust extraction is well thought out. Moreover, the landing of the filter – cylindrical, requiring no tricky hose adapters.

To summarize: the machine is interesting for delicate work on weight, in a confined space, but with only one condition: with small volumes of this very work. And the adjustment will not be superfluous, after all, the constant electronics did not fit into the price. The AEG FS 280 sander falls roughly between the amateur and professional segment: by itself, it is reliable enough for constant use, only the platform and the clamps on it require attention, and at the same time, its price is already quite elevated for a home craftsman who needs to work with vast planes. Vibrating machines have rectangular or «iron-shaped» (for work in corners) sole that quickly oscillates back and forth with a certain amplitude. The platform mount sometimes spins up from vibration – pay attention to this point before turning it on, so as not to spoil the surface to be treated.

A couple more cons – this is the complexity of the design, the presence of a belt drive and the need to buy ready-made belts of the required standard size. If you need to process planes of a large area at a high speed, and at the same time does not also have the opportunity to sharpen the same drill or chisel – choose belt sander, which, if desired, can be used as a sharpening machine. Let’s move on to the amateur segment of belt sanders with the green «Boshem».

But in the design, one cannot fail to note several very good points. The 1010 Watt motor provides a good combination of performance and ease of use: the machine weighs 4.7 kg, uses a wide (though not the most common) belt and pulls it at a speed of up to 440 m / min, for comparison, a 1200-watt Makita 9403 under the same tape, although it works a little faster, but already weighs under 6 kilograms. We especially note the successful belt centering mechanism and the presence of special slots on the upper flat cover, allowing you to fix the machine up with a tape on the workbench.

Ergonomics – traditional, without any special flaws. The grinding machine can recoup its price in the hands of the master without problems. We do not recommend working without a vacuum cleaner – a lot of dust goes past the filter.

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