2014 peugeot 5008

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2014 peugeot 5008
2014 peugeot 5008
– A COMPACT and at the same time roomy monocab is a car that we really lacked in the model range, – says a Peugeot employee on the way to the parking lot with test cars, – and an empty niche, especially in such a demanded and steadily growing segment is a lost profit. Step by step, we fill in the empty cells on the field. Developing the range, they released the 308 SW station wagon, then the 3008 crossover with the potential for all-wheel drive, and now the 5008 compact minivan. They are relatives, but at the same time they are completely different, each in their own way, so they will not interfere with each other in the market.
We approach the parking lot. The interlocutor, nodding at the car, reports that the design of the front of the model “5008” echoes the subject of special pride of all the French – the high-speed train “TGV”; they say, it’s not for nothing that she has such a swift “ascending” silhouette and such a low drag coefficient for a minivan – 0.29.
– What about the train? Why do I ask.
– Also very low, of course. But probably worse than ours, – laughing, the interlocutor retorts and hands me the keys.
“DO NOT THINK of pulling out the front head restraints, otherwise you will break the wires of the multimedia system monitors built into them,” the Peugeot representative instructs me.
Photographers from previous test groups, who were prevented by head restraints from shooting the salon, have already made sure that it is a couple of trifles to make expensive equipment unusable.
The seats are recessed into the floor, and a flat luggage area is formed at the level of the tailgate threshold.
I’m in no rush to get behind the wheel. I’m interested in something else. A modern minivan is, first of all, a symbiosis of compactness and spaciousness, which, frankly, is not always possible and not for everyone. Well, how here, in a car four and a half meters long, did they manage with seven seats?
I have to admit, they did a good job. In the second row, you can sit quite comfortably, if nature has not endowed you, as well as the riders of the first row, with basketball height. This row consists of three separate seats of the same width, each of which has a two-position backrest adjustment and can move longitudinally by 13 cm. The last parameter should be known to passengers in the third row. There, on two armchairs, people with broad shoulders, but not long legs, will sit with acceptable comfort, and in order not to sit with their knees pressed to their ears, they will have to ask the second row to move.
When the ignition is switched on, the head-up screen and navigation display automatically slide into position. https://cars45et.com/listing/peugeot/5008/2014
The chairs of the “gallery” do not stand at the back of the head of the chairs of the “ground floor”, but with some offset to the center (so as not to huddle against the wheel arches), so that its “viewers” ​​have the opportunity, without twisting their necks, to watch a movie on two color seven-inch LCD displays mounted in the headrests of the front seats. Moreover, the picture on each display can be different – the multimedia system allows simultaneous independent connection of two video signal sources – and wireless headphones are provided to prevent cacophony.
The multimedia system allows simultaneous independent connection of two video signal sources.
The seats of the second and third rows, both individually and all at once, fold into the floor, forming a flat luggage area at the level of the tailgate threshold. When everything is folded, 1.769 liters of luggage can be put into the car if loaded only along the line of windows, and 2.506 liters if stuffed to the very ceiling. When only the third row seats are recessed – 823 and 1.247 liters, respectively. Not bad. Having folded the backs of the front passenger seat and the right seat of the second row, we get the opportunity to carry objects up to 276 cm long – for example, a surfboard or several pairs of skis, depending on the season.
This iridescent luggage picture is spoiled, perhaps, only by a glove compartment of dystrophic dimensions and a complex shape, due to the bulging of aggregates from the engine compartment into it. However, as if in compensation, we are offered a lot of different storage facilities for small things with a total capacity of 48 liters. And if you abandon the “gallery” altogether, that is, choose the five-seater version, we get 60 bonus liters under the floor of the luggage compartment.