Car paints

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Car paints


p>Paint Silver paint for calipers 04096, 400 ml Car coatings catalogs offer today to buy several varieties of car paints – acrylic, alkyd, metallics and special coatings. Also, our store offers additional services for the diagnosis and maintenance of vehicles. Online store "King Auto" (Kiev, Ukraine) offers to buy car paint for your car at an affordable price. For many, the color of the car is of great importance, although the coating of the car with enamel, first of all, has a protective function.

Any enamel produced on modern equipment, in compliance with all technical standards, is suitable for covering the car body. Such enamels dry quickly, polish well and have good durability. We are the official dealer of the famous Michelin tire manufacturer. For those who live in Kiev, pickup is possible from our store. If you need advice, then our managers are ready to provide any information about the product and, if necessary, offer an alternative.

The cost of painting with alkyd paint for a car is less, and such a coating will last long enough. But if we compare how much one or another paint for a car costs, then according to the ratio "price quality" alkyd enamels are in no way inferior to acrylic. Our store constantly conducts promotions and sales of popular products. The first cars for protection were painted with oil paints, which dried for a long time. Address and directions – in the section "Contacts".

Also in our assortment – accessories, auto chemicals, tools, batteries, wheels and tires. Therefore, covering the body with paint is, first of all, a necessity, and only then – a design decision. Among our partners and main suppliers Land rover range rover 2014 in ghana is the King Company. Information about which products are covered by the warranty can be found in the section "Guarantee".

In Kiev we deliver orders by courier, across Ukraine our parcels are transported by New mail. You can order paint for the car at an affordable price directly on the website or by calling. For our regular customers, we can offer the most favorable prices. A list of the proposed works and their cost can be found in the section "HUNDRED". In addition, such a protective coating did not give the sheen that modern car enamels have.

In addition to car paint for the car body, the catalog of our online store offers paint for the caliper, leather, rims and other car parts. It is impossible to say that one variety is better than another. But there are nuances.

All products are from well-known manufacturers, all have quality certificates. We accept any convenient form of payment for the goods, we provide a guarantee. So, for example, the most popular at the moment acrylic enamels.

Most manufacturers make car bodies out of metal that corrodes.

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