Car radios

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The big screen will also be very useful in those cases where the radio is equipped with more and GPS-navigation.



p>More recently car radios were very simple analog devices, able to receive radio programs and play recorded on audio cassettes. A flash drive can hold ten times more music than a pile of regular CDs. Users now prefer the much more compact and convenient flash memory storage media. And if before few drivers paid enough attention to this question, today many drivers want not just listen to music on the road, but also enjoy the clarity of sound. And some boomboxes are also equipped with a dock connector for connecting the extremely popular Apple iPod players.

VCRs working under the Android operating system become more and more popular. If an optical drive is present, then it can read not only music discs, but also discs with MP3 files recorded on them. A huge step forward has been made in terms of sound quality.

In fact, it’s not just a device for playing music, but a real onboard computer, which can often be expanded by connecting to it all kinds of additional modules. As a consequence, many modern models have no optical drives, but have connectors for flash drives, memory cards or even external hard drives. And no one is surprised today radio, equipped with a large touch screen with a diagonal of more than 6 inches. Today, even the simplest model times surpasses those devices in complexity and capabilities.

Over the years, two “revolutions” have taken place – the cassette tapes have gone out of circulation and the CDs have become obsolete. As a consequence, with the widespread spread of digital music began to die out such devices as CD-changers. Its presence significantly increases the convenience of using the system, allows you to view videos, TV shows (if you have a TV tuner), photos.

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