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That’s when Mr. O’Leary turned on the lights. “They came by and he said he found a piece of marijuana in the basement and they let him in,” he said. “They wanted to know the source, because he said he had found nothing – that it’s just the ground where he found the plants or plants and then they came by.”

Mr. O’Leary then told his wife, the woman he hired, that “They didn’t know about the drug. The police and what I was doing was there and they believed me to be right.”

In fact, Ms. O’Leary told the federal probation officer that the police asked them to keep a journal if their home got broken in October.

It was a story Mr. O’Leary said he had never heard of.

The B.C. RCMP has also investigated multiple cases. They said the cases against L-4 are all in fact related to those two incidents. They said the RCMP is conducting an ongoing inquiry into whether these types of incidents are connected, with a particular concern being the fact that Mr. O’Leary’s wife said she did not know who took the marijuana from the basement.

Mr. O’Leary admitted that he told Ms. O’Leary on the phone that his wife said she was lying and that