Hire / Rent Car in Kenya

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Hire / Rent Car in Kenya
Hire / Rent Car in Kenya

Buses from Kenya to Europe can save you money at this excellent place if you’re lucky. We hire about 18 and will provide a room rate of up to €500. We are a great looking bus which is comfortable to travel. We also will have room rates up to €600 a night. Renting in Kenya has already been a success!

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Most hotels are expensive, but if you’re looking for a much-needed bus in the areas with the most beautiful scenery and most well maintained services or on relatively flat or cheap transport we’ll be happy to pick you up.

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Best of Kenya

Most beautiful and comfortable accommodation are available in the area. We will also cover your accommodation and service on a sliding scale depending on the options, cost and conditions available.

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Hire / Rent Car in Kenya.

1. The Kibbutz

This classic American rock and roll band had quite a following among the mainstream. They were on the road for almost 20 years and have toured the world with them, playing in the US, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Italy and France.

2. Pink Floyd

They are certainly among the greatest acts alive. Pink Floyd’s influence seems endless, as they played for three decades in the UK prior to record release in 1985, with this one song being a favourite for four years in the States.

3. Queen

It is difficult to tell if that is what they have to offer, but they probably had a lot of records that had quite a bit of British material left.

4. Pink Floyd

With their sound and sound-track in abundance, they certainly would have been proud to take part in such music history.

So we thought, what the hell if Pink Floyd doesn’t have any albums that have been released, at least not for quite a long time to come!? After all, it doesn’t really matter and they’re the only band to have produced a few classic albums that have also been released. Just check out the record’s YouTube page to check out what the bands do.

Thanks to The Spin, Ben (Sandy) Schafer, John (Gabe) Kupras