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Oraimo Power Bank
Oraimo Power Bank

(Source: IPCW, April 24, 2016/02)

UPA said on Tuesday it has suspended an inquiry into the “wasteful” loss of 3,230 tonnes of diesel fuel in its fleet for at least 18 months and will issue a statement before November 4 or 5.

UPA said it had notified its shareholders and investors on Tuesday. It said the company was undertaking “the necessary remediation” and a prompt action was necessary.

As soon as the audit took place, it said, it would continue to meet the company’s targets of increasing efficiency and fuel efficiency “in light of available information”.

The ministry-owned power utility said it had found serious flaws in fuel efficiency ratings.

The data contained many “bombs” and “flood holes” in diesel engines. The problems could cause serious damage to the fuel system.

This is, however, not the final word in this matter. UPA said it did not have concrete information on diesel “safety features” but had “developed an action plan for corrective action”.

The statement said UPA had identified three potential problems related to fuel efficiency and to its strategy for tackling the problems.

It said the company’s safety programme targets improving fuels over several years and that UPA has a zero-emission fleet for 2015-16, up from an earlier total of 3,845.