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Renault Logan Renault Duster Comes to us with the emblem «Renault», But in Europe wears a signboard Dacia. Renault Lodgy — seven-seater front-wheel drive compact MPV C-class, presented in spring 2012. V «Base» Includes ABS, Front and Side Airbags.

Renault Arkana — Front-wheel drive crossover with merchant silhouette. The model in Morocco is produced. Country of Origin — Romania.

Renault Sandero Stepway Gamma Motors includes two motors: gasoline «Atmospheric» volume of 1.6 (80 l.with.) and 1,5-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 85 liters.with. Renault Express Introduced in spring 2021 with petrol and diesel engines. Renault Arkana The large-scale assembly of the model is organized on Zaporizhia Automobile Plant from machine collectors from the Moscow Renault plant. The serial car is presented in May 2019. The second generation debuted in September 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Differs from the usual Renault Sandero with a practical body kit «under the crossover» and increased from 147 to 173 mm ground clearance. Available only with «mechanics». Equipped with a gasoline and diesel engine. Equipped with gasoline engines in combination with «Mechanics» or variator.

Renault Sandero Stepway — front-wheel drive five-seater B-class hatchback. Renault


p>Renault Sandero On sale a restyled version of the second generation model. Produced in Morocco. Both engines are offered in a pair with a five-speed «Mechanics».

Renault Lodgy Renault Duster — front- or all-wheel drive five-seater crossover. Renault Express — front-wheel drive five-seater compact MPV, replacing the Dokker model. Equipped with gasoline and diesel engines.

Renault Sandero — front-wheel drive five-seater B-class hatchback. Cars of Romanian assembly are supplied to Ukraine. Cars for the Ukrainian market are produced in Romania.

A restyled version of the second generation model was presented in October 2016 and entered the Ukrainian market in January 2017. Currency stability system for any of the packages are available for extra charge.


h1>Renault Country of Origin — Romania. Renault Logan — front-wheel drive five-seater B-class sedan.

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