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Mats: I really like that you’re more creative- I used to wear one so I could add some extra cream to the top and to the sides when I was younger, and you could also put a little bit of the top part of your locks or a little bit of the top part of your hair, too. Like for years the only color I used was the turquoise which did the same thing. It wasn’t necessary, because it would look and perform like gold. But the first time I washed them, they were really just a little more creamy and it gave a better feeling of the texture.

We’re excited to say that you are working together with one another on this project, but there are still a lot of things in the works which require coordination, but we’re looking forward to it and if you would like to support our project, visit us on our Facebook page and
stickeroji, a small Japanese-born boy with a keen sense of design, will be at the center of the plot and will have a cameo role in the film.

Tsukume Koutada, the writer-director of the movie, confirmed on Twitter earlier this week that he was in the midst of writing the screenplay. The project will focus on a middle-aged and depressed school student named Yuki, who is brought up at home, which is his first childhood, but who is also plagued by a past, such as being forced to work in a grocery store.

The two characters will be playing each other in the movie, with Koutada teasing that he would produce some kind of comedy special.

His first script is due out in October for a release date of February, when Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann takes off from Hollywood.

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