2015 bentley continental

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2015 bentley continental
2015 bentley continental
Bentley Continental GT (2010-2017) specifications and prices. Overview of the 2nd generation “Continental GT” with photos.
The Bentley Continental GT is an all-wheel drive luxury car of the Gran Turismo class, announced in several body styles: a two-door coupe and a convertible with a folding fabric top … It boasts a “thoroughbred” appearance, high-class interior decoration, a powerful technical component and rich equipment …
The world premiere of the closed two-door of the second generation took place in the fall of 2010 – at the international Paris Motor Show, and exactly a year later (but already at the motor show in Frankfurt) an open model called “Convertible” debuted.
Compared to its predecessor, the car has retained its recognizable appearance, but at the same time it has become more modern, more productive, more technologically advanced and a little larger.
In March 2015, at a car show in Geneva, the British showed a restyled Continental GT, to which they tweaked the exterior (new bumpers, grille and rims), slightly modified the interior (a different steering wheel and new trim options), increased the output of engines and added options that were not available before .
In this form, the car lasted until 2017, after giving way to the successor on the conveyor.
From the outside, the Bentley Continental GT can hardly be called handsome, but on the whole it looks attractive, noble and monumental – an arrogant front end with four round headlights, a solid radiator grille and a relief bumper, a majestic silhouette with expressive sides, muscular “thighs” and huge wheel arches, an exquisite stern with scarlet lanterns and a “curvy” bumper.
The overall length of the two-door is 4806 mm, and its width and height extend to 1944 mm and 1404 mm, respectively. Between the front and rear axles, the car “fits” a 2476 mm wheelbase, and under the bottom it has a 140 mm ground clearance.
The curb weight of the “British” varies from 2280 to 2470 kg (depending on the version). https://cars45.ug/listing/bentley/continental/2015
The interior of the car “flaunts” exclusively with premium materials – high-class leather, aluminum, wood and more.
The interior of the car has a strictly four-seater layout – on the second row there are two separate seats with a relief profile. In the front part, ergonomic chairs with advanced lateral support, integrated headrests, hard filler and all the “benefits of civilization” (heating, massager, ventilation, etc.) are installed.
The trunk of a two-door is not large, but quite comfortable: in a coupe it can hold 358 liters of luggage, and in a convertible – 260 liters. In an underground niche near the car, a small spare wheel and tools are hidden, neatly stowed in an organizer.
For the second incarnation of the Bentley Continental GT, two gasoline engines are offered, which are combined exclusively with a ZF 8-speed “automatic” and an all-wheel drive transmission with an asymmetric Torsen center differential (under normal conditions, it divides the thrust between the axles in a ratio of “40:60” in favor of the rear ):