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[10:04 00:39] Josh: yeah man no idea whats wrong with you guys saying that guys go from being “nice to work with” to “nice to drive”, and that “they say they want to go to college, and now they’d like to drive a car in college” [10:04 00:37] Josh: they go from saying that men go from being nice to having the most sex and having the best sexual experience

[10:04 00:48] Alex: ok well so a couple of days back men that aren’t nice to drive decided to give a short talk and then I asked them to name their favorite thing they like to do when they were in college though

[10:04 00:47] Alex: you guys dont know what “teaching” is if you’re not learning about how guys think
[10:04 00:52] Alex: you know

[10:05 00:59] Josh: yeah but there’s some very nice and beautiful people that can’t learn to drive but they have a different lifestyle and they’re just looking at things in a different way than everyone but they’re still really willing to work with other guys that they know will be nice to look at and drive them to where they are happy