Toyota Corolla in Adenta

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Toyota Corolla in Adenta
Toyota Corolla in Adenta

Speaking in front of a live audience at the annual Volkswagen AG shareholder meeting in Munich, the former Toyota co-founder said this year that ‘many cars are about people’.

Speaking to BBC Sport’s Automotive Daily, the former Toyota executive said: ‘People are interested in it – more cars at all times.

‘We were talking about the cars that are still the most recognisable by the world.

‘This is also true for those cars now. Cars that are very old are just not going to be as good.

The current generation of Prius powered cars have gained in popularity in Germany thanks to its smaller size, wider wheels and shorter front wing. However cars like the Kia A1 have fallen by much in popularity due to their higher price tags and smaller wheels, and, of course, this is all about small parts.

The Kona in Nanthel, China, is one model Toyota aims to hit its next generation with as its main selling point The latest Prius is just over two inches (8.7 cm) long, and takes the crown as Toyota’s best selling car in a global market that is shrinking fast